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Picture of 7 Pieces Metallic Geometry Kit

7 Pieces Metallic Geometry Kit

A 7-Piece Metallic Geometry Kit is a set of essential tools used in geometry and drafting, typically crafted from metallic materials for durability and precision. This kit is commonly used by students, architects, engineers, and professionals for drawing, measuring angles, and creating geometric shapes accurately. Description: 1. **Metallic Construction**: The kit comprises tools made from metallic materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or other alloys, ensuring sturdiness and longevity in regular use. 2. **Precision Instruments**: The set usually includes essential geometry tools like a ruler, protractor, compass, set squares (triangles), and other specialized instruments designed for accurate measurements and drafting. 3. **Variety of Tools**: The 7-piece kit typically contains a selection of tools necessary for geometric constructions and measurements, providing versatility for different mathematical and drafting tasks. 4. **Compact and Portable**: These kits often come in a compact case or pouch for easy storage and transportation, allowing users to carry them conveniently to school, work, or any location requiring geometric measurements or drawings. 5. **Metallic Finish**: The metallic finish not only adds durability but also contributes to a sleek and professional appearance, making the tools aesthetically pleasing. 6. **User-Friendly Design**: The tools are designed with user convenience in mind, featuring clear markings, easy-to-read measurements, and ergonomic features for comfortable use. 7. **Multi-Purpose Use**: The geometry kit serves multiple purposes, aiding in various geometric constructions, mathematical calculations, technical drawings, and other related tasks. Points: 1. **Precision and Accuracy**: The metallic geometry kit ensures precise measurements and accurate geometric constructions, facilitating quality work in geometry, mathematics, and drafting. 2. **Educational Aid**: It serves as an essential educational tool for students learning geometry, enabling them to perform various geometric tasks, draw shapes, measure angles, and understand geometric principles effectively. 3. **Professional Applications**: Architects, engineers, designers, and professionals working in technical fields benefit from the accuracy and reliability of these metallic instruments for creating precise diagrams, plans, and technical drawings. 4. **Versatility and Utility**: The kit's assortment of tools offers versatility, allowing users to perform a wide range of geometric and mathematical tasks efficiently. 5. **Durability and Longevity**: The metallic construction ensures the tools' durability, making them resilient to wear and tear, and capable of withstanding frequent use over an extended period. 6. **Convenience and Portability**: The compact and portable nature of the kit makes it easy to carry and use anywhere, ensuring convenience for students and professionals on the go. 7. **Gift Option**: A metallic geometry kit can be a thoughtful and practical gift for students, professionals, or anyone interested in mathematics, geometry, or technical drawing. In summary, the 7-Piece Metallic Geometry Kit offers essential tools for precise geometric drawings, accurate measurements, and mathematical constructions, catering to the needs of students, professionals, and enthusiasts involved in geometry-related tasks.
295.00 (PKR)
Picture of Top Wing Rod And Betty Racers With Attached Figures Toy

Top Wing Rod And Betty Racers With Attached Figures Toy

Come in, cadets! Create your own rescue missions with the Top Wing Mission Racers 2-pack assortment, featuring your favorite rescue birds in training and some friends and mischief makers from Big Swirl Island (each sold separately). Join cadet Rod as he stops Betty from making trouble. Each racer comes seated in their vehicle. Collect the other 2-pack Top Wing Mission Racers, including Swift and Baddy, and Brody and Penny, and get ready to roll into pretend adventure around Big Swirl Island. " Includes 2 vehicles with attached figures; " Race around with Top Wing cadet Rod and the mischievous Betty " Kids can recreate their favorite scenes from Nickelodeon's Top Wing " 2 racers included " Collect all the Top Wing Racers (sold separately) so they can race into adventure together " Age 3+ " WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts may be generated. Not for children under 3 years.
745.00 (PKR)
Picture of Hasbro Power Rangers Value PSH Raced Figures

Hasbro Power Rangers Value PSH Raced Figures

Go Go Power Rangers, Imaging racing in to action-packed adventures with the Red Ranger or Blue Ranger on his Shark Cycle. Sized right for younger heroes, we have packed as much Power Rangers action as we could into this 5-inch collectible figure and motorcycle set. Sit the poseable Red Ranger or Blue Ranger action figure on the Shark Cycle toy motorcycle and imagine shifting into high gear. Kids can press the button on top of the Shark Cycles head to activate a shark chomp motion. Boys and girls will love pretending to race in for high-speed adventures with the Red Ranger or Blue Ranger figure and motorcycle inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers entertainment TV series.
2,545.00 (PKR)
Picture of DC Action Figures (Batman, Joker, Robin) - Assorted

DC Action Figures (Batman, Joker, Robin) - Assorted

4-INCH DC ACTION FIGURES: With 11 points of articulation, pose your highly detailed figure into any action pose! Collect Tactical BATMAN, THE JOKER, ROBIN, MAN-BAT and more (each sold separately). 3 MYSTERY ACCESSORIES: Find 3 accessories like gauntlets, shields and more plus a Batgear accessory in every pack! Reveal accessories in material finishes like neon or metallic that match the mission! CREATE AN EPIC MISSION: Which mission will you get? Explore your imagination to play out your own epic missions, including Carnival Chaos, Harbor Defender, Sky Detective or Arkham Asylum Escape! This 4-Inch collectible Action Figure is a must-have BATMAN toy for fans and collectors aged 3 and up. Bring your favorite BATMAN characters to life with the 4-Inch Action Figures! NOTE: CHARACTER MAY VERY
1,345.00 (PKR)
Picture of Marvel Captain America 20" Action Figure Hero Legend

Marvel Captain America 20" Action Figure Hero Legend

12-INCH ACTION FIGURE: With 11 points of articulation, it’s easy to pose this 12-inch Batman action figure into a variety of dynamic action poses. Create your own epic good vs. evil adventures! AUTHENTIC COMIC STYLING: This articulated action figure is highly detailed, featuring a cloth cape and comic styling that brings your favorite Batman superheroes and supervillains to life! COLLECT THEM ALL: Bring the excitement and adventure of Batman home! Add heroes and villains like Batman, Robin, The Joker and Harley Quin to your action figure collection (each sold separately). The Batman 12-Inch Action Figures make a great gift for fans and collectors aged 3 and up. Protect Gotham City with the Batman 12-Inch Action Figures!
2,695.00 (PKR)
Picture of Electric Water Speed Boat Toy

Electric Water Speed Boat Toy

100% brand new and high quality
680.00 (PKR)